UK Poker XI

With the conclusion of the Euro’s imminent and the start of the Premier League not too far away, i am sure many are gearing up to don their dirty macs, paint their nose red like SAF and get to picking the 11 players that will hopefully give them a summer worth of bragging rights. Not only are the players mulled over for hours on end, but the banterful team names are almost just as important as whether you have Vardy or Kane.  Someone always opts for the classics “Le Saux Solid Crew”, “Muller Time” and “How I Met Your Mata”. But not me, not just yet.  I still have a season on CM9798 on the go (which i will blog about at sometime soon) and its WSOP time, so I wanted to take a look at my UK Poker XI…..


GK – Ian Simpson:  What more could you want as your last line of defense?  Ian is consistent as he is formidable.  A Sky Poker regular and analyst, Irish Open Winner, DTD Online GP champ, satty crusher and all around nice guy.

DF – Benny Glaser: Two time bracelet winner at this years WSOP and the holder of the most bracelets of any UK player.  Soton based mixed game crusher.  Quiet.  Deadly.

DF – Max Silver: Max has consistently crushed which ever games he has played, holding multiple UKIPT titles, a WPT title and an ARIA High Roller title also.  Pillar of the community and shows how hard work can really see you succeed.  All that’sleft off of the Hendon Mob resume, is that of a WSOP strap and I am sure it wont be too long before he adds that to the trophy cabinet.

DF – Adam Owen:  If there is ever a guy that “loves the game” its this guy.  This week, he was featured in the chip counts in the $50k Players Championship at the WSOP.  Back in March I sat across the felt from him in the APAT £100 8 Game event at Aspers.  Another Mixed Game hero; who states his worst game is NLH.  Also recently won his first COOP title on Stars this Summer.

DF – Jack Salter: With over $3M in career earnings, it’s a surprise that Jack isn’t mentioned as much as he deserves to be.  Blessed with the ability to work hard all the time, whether its a €500 comp, or a $25k comp, it doesn’t matter to Jack.  He is in the field to win, and win alone.  Ruthless and as I write this he FTs the $111,111 One Drop like a boss!!

MF – Chris Moorman: Holding the title for the most online Triple Crowns, Chris continues to crush the online game consistently.  His game developed in the student halls at Essex Uni and sees him as one of the most feared players from the UK.  Surely one of the first names on everyone’s team sheet.

MF – Simon Deadman: The UK poker scenes favourite bridesmaid is constantly making deep runs, no matter the country he is in at the time.  Shola tells me that he always comes second, as he doesn’t like the limelight.  What a gentleman!  With over $2.5m in live earnings, just goes to show you don’t need to win the comps outright to be a winner!

MF- Steve Warburton: Even though he has a 2nd in an EPT and WPT in the space of 12 months, its rumoured that his best poker memory is being called “Walburton” on twitter by John Juanda as they battle HU for the EPT title.

ST – Patrick Leonard: Whilst his beloved Magpies slip out of the limelight, Pleno manages to keep firmly in the UK Poker Spotlight.  Recently becoming a Brand Ambassador for Party Poker is just another string to this guys already impressive bow.  One of the brains behind BitBStaking, as well as an online beast and bar owner; is there anything this guy cannot throw his hand too?

ST – Charlie Carrel: Mix 1 part Xmas Jumper, 2 parts Tie Die, 1/2 a granddad jumper and a cuddly toy.  In a blender. Throw the mix at the wall and you are left with CC’s wardrobe content.  That being said Epihany77 crushes, and crushes well.  If he is not staking chips in the High and Super High Rollers, he can also been seen riding horses….pretty sure he is more natural at the poke though!

ST – Niall Farrell: It was a long time ago that he won the APAT Team Event in Bolton, for Blackbelt Poker, and started his poker journey.  Since then he has captured an EPT title and a 2nd in the WSOP $1500 Shootout.  After losing to Safiya Umerova heads up for the gold, he then managed to convince her to play the Tag Team event with him.  That didn’t go to plan and we think the budding romance was off the cards, but he did manage to get 8th in the One Drop this week just gone…..maybe she will return his texts!!



Some of you may have noticed a shifty looking gentleman that loosely resembles a character from Sin City popping up on your Facebook and Twitter timelines.  Some of you may have already started carefully selecting your horses for the current WSOP in Las Vegas and, like myself, may be struggling to pick anyone capable of making a Day 2!  Some of you may have absolutely no clue what I am waffling on about, but that’s nothing new.

Staker is a virtual fantasy staking platform, brought to you by the brains behind the APAT Poker Tour, in which you select pretty much ANY player that you want in certain events, stake them as you would like to in real life and just sit back and watch them rake virtual money for you.  Why would one want to spend time going through possible players for new real reward, i hear you say?

For the current WSOP schedule, Staker are working in tandem with Grosvenor Poker and awarding Fantasy stakers with satellite tickets for the upcoming Goliath Poker Event that is held at the Ricoh Casino in August.  Somehow even I have managed to accumulate £70 worth of tickets, so i would definitely get yourself involved as soon as possible.  On top of this, if you finish in the Top 10 of the WSOP Leaderboard, you will be rewarded with a £120 Goliath seat.  As this leaderboard is calculated in profit, you can still join in now and have a great shot of the prize!

You can also win £250 GB pounds (granted the value isn’t as great after Brexit! – Ed) just by being the most profitable staker in the WSOP Main Event.  Easy, huh?

In a time in which the poker industry is busy buying actual pieces of friends/known poker whizz  kids, constructing your Fantasy Football line ups for your high stakes leagues, and getting to grips with the scoring system of DraftKings, I cannot see any reason not to add Staker to your Monday night “To-Do” list.

Hope you all do well, and i’ll see you at the Goliath.

Run Well



WCOAP 2014 Round Up a roooooooo

Back to the real world, but what a great week it was (as always).

Jumped on the early train to Paddington, and having pre reserved my seat i was looking forward to a comfortable, relaxing ride….Oh wait, hang on, this is the Paddington train in the morning….Kids screaming, Business men in their poorly tailored suits and sales patter…..epic sigh. Decided reading Nuts magazine would be enough to get the parent back, for letting her kid kick me all the way there. Boob Alert!!

As i arrive in Stratford i call Chris and find out that the rest of the Team Gotham are already ploughing down on some TGI Fridays, so order the ribs and embark on the 12hr journey from the bottom floor of Westfield Shopping Centre, to the third floor. Lugging bags is not fun!! However ultimately worth it when greeted to a whole rack of ribs and the greatest friends in the world (Soppy Moment Alert!!). I geniunely look forward to seeing these guys, couldnt ask for a better bunch to tell my beat stories too!! 😉

Food Polished, its to the Casino we go and i jump into my first event. A standard Holdem event to warm up. Early stages went ok, but i couldnt seem to gather momentum until i peel a 3b from a local with 79cc and see a lovely 8c Tc Kh flop. We get it in, he has KK. Oh dear….but nope, i use my 1 time for the week and ask the dealer for the 6c on turn……….to which he duly obliges!! Thanks 🙂 Sadly, that was the only highlight of this event, and we bust 4 or so hrs in when a player moves to our table and open jams 20bbs UTG +1….i decided to call off 15bbs with AJss and am amazed to see he has AK….Oh Noes!!!

At least i can play the event named after me in the evening………..Oh, Hello….Stud 🙂

Stud went fine for me, although starting table saw RedSimon (aka Snoopy the Dog) and Webber on my table as well as the rungood machine Warren Jones….Warren plays the first 10 so hands to 7th street and shows down the best hand each time….i mean, what a life!!! Cruising along, i lose a big pot with 3 tables left and bust to the rudest, most obnxious guy i have ever played with. Sigh. Still, Perry FTs it, so not all lost for TG.

Day 2 of the festival, and its Mixed Games in the evening however i am feeling good so decide to flick in the High Roller. Due to my deep run i have to miss the mixed game but sadly i am cut short in my quest for the first FT. Manage to collect tokens effortlessly for a good few hrs in the High Roller, and with 17 left i have 170k and the Chip Lead, but its not meant to be. Find myself card dead for 2hrs (4 levels) and lose a flip to find myself really short. I then get the rest in with A7 vs AQ and its 13th for me……

Another late night is on the cards, as 3 members of Team Gotham final table the Mixed Games with Don “Commisionner Gorden” Roberts bowing out in 7th, Batman in 4th and Robin wins it….Boooom, another Bracelet in the Team and Chris finally breaks his duck. The guy deserves that 1st, and it also puts him ahead of Warren in the POTY race, so thats an added bonus!!

[img width=500 height=333][/img][/URL]

In high spirits, its Day 3 and the Antes Up for me. Really looking forward to this event, but its a non starter. Chip up nicely for a few levels until LegoHead moves to my table with 1k or so, 3 hands later he busts me. Ouch. Nothing out of the ordinary, A4 < 58, A6 < AQ, A9< AK and we are done…..sad face…..but at least we get to play HORSE 🙂

The structure in the Horse was really odd, super fast in the early stages, but a lot deeper later on. Jon the TD was on hand to solve any issues, and as always it was a great event. I have worked on my Horse since last year, but not enough it seems. We go a fair few hrs deep until Perry, yes my own TG member, KOs me. Thanks MATE!!! Jokes!!

Friday comes and its SHOOOOOOOTTTTOUT TIME!!
I get a sick table draw, Warren Jones, John Murray, Ben Andrews, Mat Rosens all on the table. Its pretty swingy, but i fancy my chances and manage to get 3 handed with Ben and Mat and with the Chip Lead. These two then proceed to get it in a few times, with Ben being the victor. With a very slight chip disadvantage vs Ben i still fancy this. Win this Heads Up and its Cash #1 and FT #1. Ben 3b jams J9 into my A9 but the flop and turn find a Jack and thats me “bubbled”. Pretty gross. He goes on to take 2nd, so fair play to him.

What else to do, but jump into the 6 max. This event was a weird one for me, i started with a beautiful dealer and a good table that included Leigh Wiltshire (Woody from Toy Story), Liam “Legohead” Crawford, Bricktop and Gru from Dispicable Me. Things were yo-yo for a while until i managed to get a stack. I then play a stupid pot vs Ky Hutchinson in which i decide that 3b his open with A2ss on button is the way forward, this is the only part of the hand that is fine. He has 70k and i have 30k at 150/300 and i feel he will be opening super wide. He then chucks out a 4b pretty quick, and i decide that he is “at it”, so click 5b…..crazy in an APAT game i know, but i feel he has it in his locker to 6b light here….and im gonna 7b jam when he does….but the plan backfires as he recognises this and 6b jams and i have to fold. He shows 7Tcc, well played him…..Thing is, i dont need to do this in the field as i am picking up chips so easily anyways….i know i have a case of FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome) sometimes, and have made serious efforts to reign it in.

I then double Roddy Farmer up bvb when his 84o out flops my A5 and find myself with 14bbs. A crazy hand then happens……….

Ky opens, and Roddy 3b jams. Now i know Roddy plays a lot of 6 max, so i know this is gonna be quite wide. I have A4 and decide to rejam, but Ky has QQ. Oooops

Roddy shows 77… wrong am i?

Flop comes Q3T…….K…….J…….What a luck box i am!!!

I get moved from the table, reign it in and start to play properly again after my 1hr of madness and manage to get to the final 30 or so. I get moved to Chris’ table but bust 2 hands in when AA < 88. Finish another deep run of the day, a table or so from the ££

Ian “Catwomen” Witt manages to FT the Razz for a bit of a Day Saver for TG


My ME went pretty bleurgh, and i think the day before and all those “oh-so-nears” makes me play pretty badly. I bust pretty early cold 4b, calling LegoHeads (yes he is always on my table!!) jam, with 77. There is a little dynamic but i think i overplay my hand badly, as i level myself into thinking that if he is super strong he would 5b small to get me to jam.

OR opens, Liam 3b, i 4b, OR folds, Liam jams 10k more at 100/200 and i call it off. Yea its woeful.

As i havent played the Mixed or the Razz i use that money to play in the cash champs that evening. All is well for the first half of phase 1, i chip up from £100 to £150 in the 25p/25p phase, but the wheels fall off in 25p/50p. Lose a decent wedge when villian check calls all 3 streets with A9 on A25T9 vs my AK and a few other ones. Then get villian to put in his last £70 on J83hh with J8ss vs 9To only for the 7 the slam on the turn…..we dont fill up. Very next hand its QQ < AK aipf for the last of my monies and another early shower for me….

PLO goes really well, and in the late stages i find myself on a table with Chris and Perry. Chris busts and Ian joins the table. Then Perry wins a 3 way all in, on the flop, to amass a gazillion chips and look pretty nailed on to be the 1st ever back to back bracelet winner in the same event (he won this event in DTD last season)

Sadly, for me, its another “almost”
Playing 50k-60k i get it all in pre vs Perry with AcAhQc7d vs his QdTd9c4c

The flop has an Ace on it, but the turn brings a 2nd diamond and a gutty draw, the river is the Jd and im 1 card away from FT average and out on the rail. Dont think i have ever been more gutted by a river. Dont get me wrong, not angry or sulking but just purely gutted. I have only started playing PLO this season and have managed to use my basic knowledge of the game to make FTs of each live spot ive played, and most of the Online ones also. A FT in this larger field would have really cemented my PLO skills to myself however i am really happy with the way i played in this event. If this festival is for players to try new disciplines in poker and enjoy them then it works. I love PLO.

Sadly for Perry, he loses a flip Heads Up and can only manage a 2nd, but that is an awesome feat!!

The Heads Up is my last chance of success, and the draw throws up some interesting ties.

My first round game is against good friend John Patten (JP on GNF) and after a swingy battle my QJ bests his A2 aipf.
Round 2, sees Batman vs Riddler
[img width=500 height=332][/img]
[img width=500 height=332][/img]

Perry being Victorius!!

I exit in Round 2, losing a 8k pot on A5244 holding 36….guy has 24 and im on fumes…. He polishes me off when i jam my last 2k on 853. He has A8 and my 67 cannot find the outs it needs…. Boo Hoooo.

So, all in all we draw a blank in the events.

Still No one can ever accuse TG of softplay as this week:
Perry KO Dave in Heads Up
Perry KO Me in PLO
Perry KO Me in Horse
Webber KO Dave in Mixed Games

Hang on……….Perry just crushes us all……

TGs Week in Numbers:

FTs: 7
Coasters: 2
Bracelets: 1
Super Deep Runs (not in bathroom): 1458
Boxes of Noodles consumed: 14
TGI Friday Visits: 2
Number of Films Perry Watched at VUE: 0
# of times Dave Pilkington told people he had a % of me: Still Counting
# times Ian played Craps: Only 2, that we know of!
Cheesecakes: 0
# times MTS made Gotham references in the updates: 42
# of outfits Dann packed: 14
# cuddles with MTS: 1
[img width=500 height=332][/img]

Also would like to say a massive “Hey” to Rita, who was just awesome and to the Champ, Tristian Chaplin. Even tho he bust Chris….Trist is a great guy, and known him for a while….he was deffo due. Have a good time in Vegas Big Guy!!


Some more pics (couldnt find any of Batboy….)
[img width=500 height=333][/img]
[img width=500 height=333][/img]
[img width=500 height=332][/img]

PS – As some of you may know, our very own Dwayne “Bane” “Mo Farah” Stacey, ran the London Marathon a week or so back, so if you have any spare pocket fluff in the bank please feel free to donate, every little helps….

Challenge Complete!!!

Jumped back on the cash tables this evening to try and get to that Charity Donating £500 total Smiley and obviously spent the first few hrs grinding on Stars, as they had there 100 billion promotion in which some Greek guy (i guess he was a guy) managed to get J5o to hold 6 way aipf for a cool $110k. MBSFN!!

After not winning my small fortune on Stars, i got back to the fish infested Boss Cash tables, and my super aggro 3-4 bi BR guideline!!  Tonight, albeit still soft, was the toughest day at the tables for me as every game was reg filled.  Now some of the NL100 regs are awful, some are ok, and some solid.  All the ones this evening were solid.  Was struggling to get seats, so also sat at a 6 max nl100 £ table….and obviously thats where i get the infamous KK v AA to lose a buyin!

Its amazing the swift change in emotions a hand can give you.  I almost timed out my KK, and JUST made it to the raise button….phew!!!…only to meet a 3bt from an aggro reg.  I smooth for deception and see a ragged flop.  I smooth his cbet and then jam over he turn bet.  Pretty std, but its funny to think how p*ssed off i woulda been if i had timed out those Kings….weird eh!

Anyways, here are some Giraffes for you Smiley

Todays Boss Session:

Total Boss:

Total Stars: NB there is $10 ish of winnings missing from playing on the iPad in the bath Wink


Stars: $91.42 (£58.19)
Boss: €531.98 (£452.55)

Total: £510.74

Challenge Complete!!!

To those that “bet”, thank you very much.  Please donate your said amounts to either:

Charity work is good!!! Smiley


Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley!!!

Please be warned this could be a tl;dr kinda post, however i will include lots of pictures and stuff to keep all those with short attention spans interested.


After satting in from the €2rb (in for €8) to the €33 to the seat, and looking forward to a “Team Gotham” reunion, i must say i was more than excited for the first event of Season 7.  The 7am alarm went off, kissed my GF goodbye, fueled the car and my belly and hit the road for the 2hr drive to the hotel.  Its amazing how the 7am alarm for work every day is a killer, but this one felt so easy!

The journey was suprisingly easy, all bar getting lost near the hotel and having to get directions from the local bin man!!  Sat in the car for 35 min, i get a text from Dave to say they have arrived.  Confused, i found the room only to find they had parked next to me and we had both not seen oneanother?!

As i enter the room, i see card games already in action and i meet one of the newest recruits to Team Gotham, Dwayne “Bane” Stacey.  Now i had heard alot about him and his poker CV (B2B top 150 cashes in WSOP ME, amongst a fair few others).  Introductions over, i get involved in some cards until the arrival of Chris “Batman” Webber and Tony “Two Face”.  Team Gotham complete.



Sit down at my starting table, after soaking up some sun, only to see Chris sit 2 to my left (sigh), then JP Round sits on his left (sigh) and then Dwayne on his left (sigh sigh sigh).  The table fills and also includes Ken McBride and the UK Champs winner from last year (Mark Briggs i think?). Ben Cundall joins late.

Tough Table much?

Start off pretty well until i turn my hand into a bluff in a sizeable early pot vs Ben.  I call 33 from the bb from his raise and check raise a K94hh flop.  He calls and i fire another barrel on the turn (6).  He floats again.  I fire the 3rd barrel on the  river and he calls.  He shows JTo and im perplexed!  Still the banter is flowing and i manage to chip back up and down a fair bit.  A bit later on i raise QJo on the btn, and am met with a 3bet from Chris in the BB.  A cheeky 4bet gets through and im feeling that im playing pretty well.

I get a double when i call a raise with JThh, Mark Briggs calls from the bb and we are 3 way to the flop.  The flop comes Q94hhh.  OR checks, i lead half pot and Mark jams. I call and he tables Q4dd for 2 pair. I fade and am up to 42k

A Huge hand then comes when i smooth Bens raise with KThh and the flop comes T84dd.  Ben leads and i call, for pot control.  The turn comes a Q and i check behind pretty sure he is gonna barrell the river.  The blank river comes and he bets 2/3rd pot almost instantly.  I tank for a while, tryin to decide whether i can jam for value, and can feel eyes in the back of my head.  This has always been the action table, and great fun to play on.  I decide to call, he announces “Good Call” and flips KT also. SIGH!!! Chop Chop!!

An interesting hand also plays out where i 3bet Bens raise, OTB, with A6hh (i had been calling/raising him a lot and tryin to mix up with the strength of hands) and Dave Howard 4 bet jams the bb.  Sigh.  A6 is close here, as i know DH is doing this light.  Very light.  I tank fold, and on hindsight its prob right but if i have A9hh there i think it all goes in!

Tricky ol’ Dave

Not long after getting to 70k the table breaks and i move to JBs table.

With 20mins left in the day, with one of the bigger stacks, im quite happy to close out the day until this car crash!

Jenny (who also FTd) raises 3.5k UTG and i 3bet KK to 11k.  She tank calls and we see a J72 flop.  Jenny checks and i bet 14k and Jenny rr’s me. Hmmmmmmmmmm what the hell!!!  Im only beating QQ here, so fold and am told he had 77.  Good fold me.  

I manage to get through another awful final level at APAT, and come back to Day 2 with 17bbs.  Time to do a Carl!!!

Perfect prep for Day 2 consists of Chinese Poker, Online Poker and Whist until 4:20 in the morning!!  Would have been ok, except Lauren rang me at 830 in the morning.  Sadly my phone was on loud, and although my Mario Brothers ring tone is pretty cool, not sure the rest of Team Gotham were too happy about it!!!


With Batman, Bane and the Joker all through to day 2, spirits were high.  I had one mission.  £5k.  Yes i want to win every tourny, but £5k also means me and Lauren have enough in the bank for the deposit of our first house, so super eager!!!

I manage a double pretty quickly with AQ v JJ aipf.  A perfect AQQ flop see’s me home and im back into gear.  Shortly after this hand plays out and puts me as the CL.

i raise 4.2k UTG +1 with TT and get 4 callers.

Flop: J85hh and the action checks around.

Turn Th and the bb shoves. I reshove and see im up against   and fade! BOOM!!!  Dizzy heights of 165k.

Sadly for me, something happens that has never happened to me before.  I set up a hand, and then cant pull the trigger.

Crazy Indian Guy (who bust FT in 9th, putting in his 2nd place stack in pre vs CL with 66) raises button to 7k, so i 3bet A6 from bb to 17k.  He calls, but looks uncomfortable.  Flop comes T43dd and i donk into him (22k)…..

Now, i expect him to call with any strong hands (pairs, flopped pairs, diamond draws and overs etc)  but am sure that if he raises then he is bluffing.  He clicks it back(44k), and i take a second before shoving my stack over the line.  I ask him for a count.  He has circa 70k behind.  Perfect! Its the right amount.  But i cant fire the trigger…..what am i doing.  My shove gets any better Ace he has (v unlikely) to fold.  Im 100% winning the hand if i shove.  I then realise ive paused too long and look weak….but it doesnt matter, im closing the effective action if i shove….what am i doing….FOLD!  FFS Dann, thats awful.  You’ve set the whale up, why have you crippled yourself!! Rant Rant Rant.

He gleefully shows 75o.  WP him.  That is the worst poker moment in my life, ive donked wanting him to raise so i can shove, and im not one for not pulling the trigger. Hmmmmm

Im still mulling this over as FT is announced, and although Dave has busted both Dwanyne and I make it.

The FT dynamic is chalk/cheese for me.

I have all the big stack on my right (yippee) but all the micro stacks on my left (sigh) including a guy with 2bbs.  Im rocking 20 and hoping that i pick some spots up in the first level.

Nope.  Card Dead. Sigh.

A few open shoves with J high, A2, and a 3bet shove with AK keeps me afloat and we are soon 6 handed.  Both James and Jenny, on my left are short, so im looking good for my first live 4 fig score. Smiley

Dwayne then raises the Btn, from a 16bb stack and i find A7ss on the BB and get my 11bbs in.  Dwayne snaps (Uh-Oh), then sighs when he sees my hand, tabling KJo.  I like his call here (not as i am ahead Smiley, but he knows im doing the same with a HUGE % of my range so he is ul to be behind on this occasion.)  Its also a huge spot for me, as if i hold the table dynamic favours me.  Ill have 25bbs. 3 sub 10bbs stacks on the table and position on the CL who is opening light.  TBH if i hold then i am certain i will get my first Individual APAT medal.

Although i may not come across as one of those that medals mean a lot too, and yes cash is deffo important,  i really wanted that medal.  REALLY wanted it!!  Feel all the work i have put into my game over the last few years, + all the close calls (see mincash hendon mob).  Well the K on the turn dashed all of those. Sad

Im a pretty emotional guy at the tables, sometimes its played up for a reason and sometimes natural but my heart sank when the blank fell on the turn.  I know you dont know what’ll happen later but it felt like 6 outer that cost me £2k (diff between 6th and top 3).  Bitter pill to swallow, for sure.

Chuffed for JB on his third place, he grinded hard and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in my fav moment of Day 2 (his A7 beating Crazy Indian Guys KK aipf after the K window card – runner runner runner runner straight ftw!!) and also for Dwayne, who is a great player also.

Just updated my Live Poker Spreadsheet and now have a 378% ROI in APAT Live Games, cashing just shy of £1.6k in 7 games this year, for a profit of just over £1.2k 🙂 This ROI is obv helped by satting into the WCOAP Main and APAT Masters for a total of about £5 lol.

Over the year i am £1.5k in profit over 11 games (not including APAT Team Champs win) with an Average Buyin of £44. So a good year all in all

Maybe i can play this game after all!

Time to get grinding

Right Guys,

I am a lazy f**k and should definatly play more pokers than i do, but motivation has always been the key for me.  I dont have BR anymore and i generally cba to grind for periods of time, much rather opting for the deposit and bink or deposit and deposit style of playing MTTs as and when one takes my fancy.  Lazy i know!!  I generally flick it in, go deep, lose a 70/30 and then do this:


I will not kid you that i have set  up “challenges” before, only to knock them on the head as soon as they start but hopefully with APATs help i can sort this out today.

I have mentioned before that my Girlfriend Lauren is running Race for Life, in memory of her father soon so i propose this to anyone out there that reads my blog.

I want to make a bet, a bet for charity moreso.  Here are the conditions.

Starting BRs – Stars $33.24 and APAT €51.44 (Total in GBP is ~£65)
Aim – Total BR of £500 (can be spread across the 2 sites)
Time Frame – Dec 2013
Game – Cash Games only

How do you bet?

Simply post what you will stake, and ill match it if i fail.

EG – £5 bet by Mr X

Dann hits £500, Mr X donates £5 to Cancer Research
Dann doesnt hit £500, Dann donates £5 to Cancer Research

I will risk up to £100 of my own money for this.

Please note the target amount isnt anything high, but i really wont be able to play tens of thousands of hands each month.  It is gonna be a slow/steady wins the race.



Words cannot describe my Day 1 for the

Words cannot describe my Day 1 for the ISPT so ill summarise:


Slightly longer version

Didnt win a hand, retards winning chips calling 2 all ins with 95o, finally open shove 14bbs with 88 and walk into Curlarge’s AA. Standard!

However i did qualify for ……………


After failing to make Wembley for ISPT, i managed to luckbox a seat in tonights €33 sat for the Masters.
I managed to get my €33 seat for €8 in the €2 rebuy last night so ROI a ments.


Not 100% sure ill play tho.

Team Gotham reunited (propbetaments)

Expensive Travel and Accom

Hmmmm Opinions!!!


Well well well, SCOOP didnt go too well last night!!!

Cashed in the SCOOP – 02 – L, but sadly my KQdd couldnt best 67cc aipf for a decent stack.
Bust midstages in SCOOP – 02 – M after losing flips b2b getting my money in first each time!!


Went to work, and grinded some Chinese Open Face on my lunch break and finally got the hang of the game (to a point id deffo play for some dinero per point) and then ran into a pretty sick cooler, when i hit running 5s that all had to go in my front and ruin me!!!


Pretty Brutal.

When i got back from lunch i noticed the office were very “unsettled” and as we are an office of pranksters, i felt like i had been “done” today.

To give you an idea of the severity of the pranks, the last one i handed out was a fruit pastel in someones coffee.  Nothing to brash.

Well it was obvious it was me and i found these in my coffee!!!


Yea – Pigs Eyeballs!!! Nice!!!

TBH doesnt really bother me, but fair play to the effort he put into it.

So not the greatest day, already out of SCOOP HU L and had KK 3 times today and lost them all including this hand.
PokerStars Hand #98573969486: Tournament #805010492, $10+$1 USD Hold’em No Limit – Level III (20/40) – 2013/05/14 19:27:40 WET [2013/05/14 14:27:40 ET]
Table ‘805010492 525’ 9-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: painless22 (3375 in chips)
Seat 2: Timi mami (2380 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 3: s4ooter (3771 in chips)
Seat 4: bingoukky (2040 in chips)
Seat 5: lo-fi dream (2470 in chips)
Seat 6: tirina1205 (397 in chips)
Seat 7: paxrulez (3000 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 8: misha4ka85 (2875 in chips)
Seat 9: kusto1978 (3060 in chips)
bingoukky: posts small blind 20
lo-fi dream: posts big blind 40
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to s4ooter [Kd Ks]
Timi mami has returned
tirina1205: folds
paxrulez: folds
misha4ka85: folds
kusto1978: folds
painless22: folds
Timi mami: folds
s4ooter: raises 80 to 120
bingoukky: calls 100
lo-fi dream: raises 280 to 400
paxrulez has returned
s4ooter: raises 280 to 680
bingoukky: raises 1360 to 2040 and is all-in
lo-fi dream: calls 1640
s4ooter: raises 1731 to 3771 and is all-in
lo-fi dream: calls 430 and is all-in
Uncalled bet (1301) returned to s4ooter
*** FLOP *** [2s Jc 9h]
*** TURN *** [2s Jc 9h] [5d]
*** RIVER *** [2s Jc 9h 5d] [7d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
lo-fi dream: shows [Ad Ac] (a pair of Aces)
s4ooter: shows [Kd Ks] (a pair of Kings)
lo-fi dream collected 860 from side pot
bingoukky: shows [Ah As] (a pair of Aces)
bingoukky collected 3060 from main pot
lo-fi dream collected 3060 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 6980 Main pot 6120. Side pot 860. | Rake 0
Board [2s Jc 9h 5d 7d]
Seat 1: painless22 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
Seat 2: Timi mami folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
Seat 3: s4ooter (button) showed [[b]Kd Ks[/b]] and lost with a pair of Kings
Seat 4: bingoukky (small blind) showed [[b]Ah As[/b]] and won (3060) with a pair of Aces
Seat 5: lo-fi dream (big blind) showed [[b]Ad Ac[/b]] and won (3920) with a pair of Aces
Seat 6: tirina1205 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
Seat 7: paxrulez folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
Seat 8: misha4ka85 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
Seat 9: kusto1978 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)

Gotta chuckle

Any ideas on a way to get Pig Eyes back feel free to post

Long one i know but thanks for listening!!!


Finally, i am getting super bored of my Jonny Bravo avater, so please post up suggestions of a new one!!

Well hello ISPT Day 1




Not bad for a €5 investment, but made me sweat when i had to watch 7 shorties called aipf and double each time!!  Still 8th times a charm!

Won a €5 feeder last night, for my €33 ticket and then decided to play one of the less turbo sats today.  Good idea!

Still 2 more FRs to play, so maybe some more Day 1 seats but happy to finally join the club with all the other heroes that have a seat!

Now to decide whether to play online or jaunt down to DTD to play Day 1??


Sooooooo Close



My 1st Sunday evening in forever, with pool commitments, so decided id settle into a small grind.

Plucked to try and spin my €3 DTD token into a €33 ticket, and then into an ISPT Day 1 seat via the sats they run online.
Phase 1 went well and i converted my €3 into a €33 and then opted to play the €33 1r1a as a f/o and it got around 550 runners and 200 seats gtd!!!

Sadly for me, i busted 216th when i shoved    from btn into    in the bb.  Now i must say is a shedload of collusion in those sats, but nvm.  WD to all that shipped a seat this evening (pretty sure about 15 of my friends now have seats!!)


Also bust QQ < JJ for CL with 24 left in the Bloggers FR, 10 seats gtd!!!





I also decided to play 3 mtts on stars this evening (after pure bubbling back to back Sunday Milly seats [in the $8, 36man hyper sng sats]) and opted for:
$3r ($20k gtd)
Sunday Storm
Bigger $11

The Bigger $11 was uneventful but i managed a super deep run in the Storm finishin in the top 600 from 36k runners. Still not quite that $31k uptop was it!! Boooo


Also came 50th in the 3r when i squeeze AQ into TT and lose for top 5 stack 😦




I did also play some games on boss tonight:
€50, €50k gtd (bust early after a retard 3 bts me 4 times in last 8 hands, so i finally cal with AJdd only to be crushed….then grind back to 14bbs only to walk AK into KK)
€33 – €5k gtd…..couldnt flip a burger in that
€33 APAT ISPT sat – Congrats to Suze for winning, i busted 8th when Matt calls off my squeeze (i had QJss) with 55 and flops me so dead that even turning my J didnt help!

Still what can we do!


Keep Smiling